Copyright stands as a legal safeguard for authors' rights in literary and artistic creations. The rights to utilize these works and other copyrights can carry a significant value. However, this also implies that any unauthorized use can result in substantial costs for the infringing party.

In the contemporary landscape, the internet has become a common ground for copyright infringement, particularly on websites, online stores, and social media platforms. A prevalent form of online copyright violation involves the unauthorized use of images, causing potential harm to the original creators. In many instances, these cases revolve around photographers or graphic designers who find their works being used without proper authorization.

At Davehenthornone, we prioritize checking usage rights before incorporating third-party works (those not under a contractual agreement) to mitigate the risk of copyright infringement.

Key Practices:

Free Images: Utilize images and photos only when explicit reference is made to free commercial use.

Attribution: Even in cases of free commercial use, we often provide credit to the author by including the name of the photographer or designer beneath the image, ensuring transparency about the work's creator.

Documentation: Maintain a record of the link or take a screenshot of the webpage where the free commercial use of the image is granted.

Purchased Images: Purchase images if no free commercial use is offered (e.g., Adobe Stock) and retain the invoice as proof of proper acquisition.

In the event that we unknowingly use photos from other sources on the internet leading to copyright infringement, we commit to promptly removing all related products associated with the photos. Moreover, we will remunerate the author with a retrospective fee and duly credit their work.

Copyrights represent a cornerstone among an author's most prized assets. Therefore, we employ every available measure to prevent copyright infringement, safeguarding the works and the rights of their respective authors.